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  • the dwh dataset must contain primary key column with the same name as the Mapbox vector tileset (as the nuts0_code in the screenshot below)

  • the dwh dataset must contain the bounding box coordinates columns x_min, x_max, y_min, y_max for each geometry feature (road, building, sales area, ..) - you can calculate it using some standard GIS tool or you can use CleverMaps tool SpatialUtils SpatialUtils (Docker)

  • the dwh dataset can contain any other columns from your original source geodata (except geometry column)

  • the name of the vt dataset needs to be same as the layer name in Mapbox (as the eu_nuts0_vt-84hkkq in the screenshot below)

  • the vt dataset should only contain primary key field and geometry, other columns should be stored only in dwh dataset

  • the data type of primary key of dwh dataset has to be same as in vector tileset Mapbox

  • create default public token at Mapbox Studio and place it into the key urlTemplate instead of placeholder {token} in the vt dataset JSON file