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CleverMaps uses vector tiles technology to render geographic data on a map. Currently we use Mapbox as a backend service for hosting and serving vector tiles but other technologies can be also used (e.g. MapTiler). Some further information about vector tiles can be found here The tutorial below assumes that Mapbox is used as a backend service. Mapbox has very generous free pricing plan and it should be enough for many use cases.

To transform your geographic data (SHP, GeoJSON, CSV, …) into the CleverMaps you typically need to:


  • Data has to be in WGS84 coordinate system.

  • Mapbox pricing depends on vector tiles resolution level - you pay more for hosting and processing of vector tiles with 1 meter resolution then for 10 meter resolution. The resolution level is derived from maximum zoom level (this can be set while creating vector tiles with MapboxUtils):

    • resolution 10 m = maximum zoom between 6 and 10

    • resolution 1 m = maximum between 11 and 13

    • resolution 30 cm = maximum zoom between 14 and 16

  • Vector tiles supports only simple geometries like Point, Line and Polygon.

2. Creating datasets in CleverMaps