Data dimension projects

Data dimensions are prepared projects that contain specific data (e.g. administrative units or demography). They can be imported into other projects and combined with their data.

List of data dimensions projects:


Administrative units of the Czech Republic

  • Administrative units hierarchy of the Czech Republic.

  • Project ID: q1zdp9d0ao78rdv5
  • Link:
  • Every hierarchy unit has its own table:

    • zsj_d_dwh - Neighborhoods (Základní sídelní jednotky)

    • cast_obec_dwh - Aministrative districts (Části obcí)

    • obec_momc_dwh - Municipality and City districts (Obce a městské části)

    • obec_dwh - Municipalities (Obce)

    • orp_dwh - Municipalities with extended competences (Obce s rozšířenou působností)

    • okres_dwh - Districts (Okresy)

    • kraj_dwh - Counties (Kraje)

  • Data model:


Administrative units of Slovakia

  • Administrative units hierarchy of the Slovak Republic.

  • Project ID: h3aytnzloh7tzpko
  • Link:
  • Every hierarchy unit has its own table:

    • zsj_dwh - Neighborhood (Základné sídelné jednotky)

    • zuj_dwh - Municipalities (Základné územné jednotky)

    • okres_dwh - Districts (Okresy)

    • kraj_dwh - Counties (Kraje)

  • Data model:


Dates dimension

Import guide

There are few things to note when importing a can-dim-dates dimension into your project:

To match the property of your fact dataset (orders in this case) with the primaryKey of dim_dates, you have to use the date type and set the foreignKey to point to the dim_dates table.

The primaryKey of dim_dates table is in the ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD) format.

We accept 4 possible date formats. These recognized formats are automatically converted to the YYYY-MM-DD format during the import, to match the dim_dates.date_iso property.

2013-10-31YYYY-MM-DDISO 8601, preferred
31-Oct-13DD-MON-YYcase insensitive
31/Oct/2013DD/MON/YYYY case insensitive

And to enable the date picker, you have to add the globalDate filter to your view. Here is an excerpt from the view, showing the correct settings of filterGroup.


Demography of the Czech Republic


Demography of Slovakia

  • Basic demographic attributes of the Slovak Republic - citizens, households, houses, flats.
  • Project ID: vommuqm52187ysyb
  • Link:
  • Demography project contains own Demography tables and imported tables from Administrative units of Slovakia
  • Demography project contains 6 indicators and indicator drills:
    • Residents and categories by age
    • Residents and categories by sex
    • Economically active population and categories by sector
    • Households
    • Houses
    • Flats and categories by house type
  • Data of those 6 indicators comes from 5 tables (you can see in data model)
  • Data model:


Grid of Czech Republic