MapboxUtils (Keboola)

This tool lets you easily create or update vector tilesets on Mapbox from your CSV files using command line. It can be especially handy if you need to periodically update some vector tileset (e.g. every day updates). It is alternative for Mapbox Studio where you can do almost same things manually. Under the hood the tool is using Mapbox Python API, ogr2ogr and tippecanoe utilites. Just pass your CSV file with WKT geometries, specify some parameters and you are done. 


MapboxUtils is available as Keboola Connection Component and it is available to registered Keboola users. You have to be logged in your Keboola project ( to use it. To open SpatialUtils just go to Applications, choose New Application and write "MapboxUtils" into the search bar. Then choose CleverMaps MapboxUtils


With the MapboxUtils application opened, choose New Configuration and fill in the form.

Firstly, you need to specify input and output mappings.

  • Table Input Mapping
    • Choose New Table Input and specify a table with your data which you want to process. 
  • Table Output Mapping
    • Choose New Table Output and create a new empty table where the results will be stored.

Secondly you need to pass a configuration JSON into MapboxUtils. Please check availalble parameters and the example below to get the idea how the configuration file should look.

Available parameters

input_pkey_columnyesinput_pkey_column: idName of the primary key column
input_geom_column: wkt
Name of geometry column
tileset_map_id: cleveranalytics.14j1fhp2
Mapbox tilesetmapid. If not specified than random value is generated by Mapbox. Specify in case of updating an existing tileset.
tileset_name: countries_wkt-02ssft
Mapbox tilesetname. If not than specified than tilesetname is generated as combination of input file name and random hash. Specify in case of updating an existing tileset or if you need your own tilesetname. 
layer_name: countries_wkt
Mapbox layername. If not specified than same value as tilesetname is used. Specify in case of updating an existing tileset or if you need your own layername. 
zoom_min: 5
Minimal zoom of the tileset
zoom_max: 10
Maximal zoom of the tileset. Maximum allowed value is 10.
mbtiles: ["drop-densest-as-needed", "extend-zooms-if-still-dropping"]
Parameters of MBTiles generation internally used by tippecanoe. Parameters can be found here
#mapboxtoken: abcdefgah1234
Your Mapbox account token. Token needs to have following priviliges: TILESETS:WRITE, TILESETS:READ, TILESETS:LIST, UPLOADS:READ, UPLOADS:WRITE. Check for more information.

Creating a new vector tileset

  "input_pkey_column": "id",
  "input_geom_column": "polygon",
  "#mapbox_token": "your mapbox token",
  "zoom_min": "4",
  "zoom_max": "10"

Updating an existing vector tileset with optional mbtiles paramaters

  "input_pkey_column": "id",
  "input_geom_column": "polygon",
  "tileset_name": "restaurants_time_zones-d0c283".
  "tileset_map_id": "cleveranalytics.d0c283",
  "#mapbox_token": "your mapbox token",
  "zoom_min": "4",
  "zoom_max": "10",
  "mbtiles_params": [