Bookmark object is a persistent version of a Share object. As a Share object is a ad-hoc reference to a current application state, Bookmark adds a name, title and description to a Share object. Thanks to it, Bookmarks can be listed on a Project page.

Bookmarks are listed before project's Views on Project page


Bookmark object is a wrapper of a Share. As you can see there are standard metadata fields and reference to a Share object:

Bookmark object syntax
    "name": "bookmark_to_fort_center",
    "type": "bookmark",
    "title": "My Store: Fort Shopping Center",
    "description": "Bookmark to Fort Shopping Center store",
    "content": {
        "share": "/rest/projects/yufqzxkbiecj7jot/md/views/o31q6691gdtj3vng?shareId=s7bf3nyd3wxjsiuk"


Bookmarks can be created by user in VIEWER, EDITOR or ADMIN role. Bookmarks are not shared among users, every user can list only his/her bookmarks.

Key description




reference to a Share object


Visual representation

A new Bookmark can be created by click on a Bookmark button on Dashboard:

CleverMaps ask for filling in a Title and Description of a new Bookmark:

After submitting this dialog, CleverMaps creates a new Bookmark object that persist the state of the application when click the Bookmark button.

Bookmarks can be listed on a Project list, see the first screenshot on this page.