Data permissions

Data permission object refines access to data for specific users on the level of database rows.

It consists of a set of filters, which are applied to dataset properties. The filters define what the user will be able to see (not the other way - they do not filter out).

Let's say have a table representing two types of stores in our project. We want to restrict the user's access to "My store" shops, based on the value of the partner column.


This data permission allows the user to view only the Partner shops in the Retail Solution Demo project.

This user might be the manager of the Partner store chain. However, he does not have the rights to see the performance of the main store chain.

Key description



ID of the account to which the permissions will be applied

(warning) currently, the only way to learn your accountId is through our REST API


array of filterBy objects which will be applied to dataset properties

see metric.content.options.filterBy

Visual representation

If a data permission is applied to you as a logged user, you are notified about this fact by having an active data permission filter in the Filters tool.